The Hustopece town is one of the eldest ones in the South Moravia. You can visit there the city-hall from 1906 with ceremonial and memorial hall or the church of St. Vaclav and St. Anezka Ceska built on place of destroyed Gothic church (a Romance crypt, a copy of a fresco from 15th century, Baroque sculpture).

Viniculture has always the biggest influence on city development and on citizens. For example in the second half of 18th century the vineyards occupied almost 50% of all farmland and Hustopece become the largest vineyard village in Moravia.

After the Second World War many of recreation and sports facilities has been built here. The village lies on cycle “viticulture” trails. If you want to taste local wine and judge the quality, visit the house “U Synku” on the Dukelske square, which presents a permanent exposition of wine.

Informační centrum - Dukelské nám. 23, 693 01 Hustopeče, tel.: +420-519 412 909, fax: +420-519 413 792, e-mail:

Hustopeče - churchHustopeče - church
Church of St.Vaclav and St.Anezka Ceska